Hello world

This is a well new blog created by hand and times. I wished from years to write again and specially about programming. Right now I can do it.


So there it is ! Inspird by other programming blog and technical studies, I started to think about making my own blog. I did a little update about my knowledge in web technologies..
Then I took my will and wrote this.

But let’s be clear, first of all, this blog will focus on Graphics Programming, Game dev, C++, Web, and maybe a bit about some other stuff.


First of all, I present myself: Alexandre Boulet, aka Nimda. Currently working as R&D developer on PopcornFX at Persistant Studios, previously as Engine programmer at Ubisoft Mobile. I enjoy study other games and learn new stuff. Some of my projects started years ago on my free time and will be posted on the next posts. Please enjoy futur readings.


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